Oops, I typed myself into a hole

Something that can be fixed on my end by being more careful, but in the mean time…

When a group is running, obviously the ‘OK’ button is not selectable. However, it is still possible to edit text, say, the code in an expression for an action item…or the email alerting properties on an OPC item. Problem is, when everything is changed and I can’t select ‘OK’ because the group is running (and I didn’t realize it was running…like I said I should be more careful), then I have to re-do everything.

Could it be possible to not be able to edit the text when a group is running (just like the ‘OK’ button is non selectable)? Or maybe have a message box pop up when something is changed or typed in: (CAUTION, group is running) or something like that? Like I said, I should pay more attention, but no one’s perfect…

Yeah, I’ve done this a few times myself. I think we leave everything enabled so that you can more clearly see what the item is doing, but it is a bit misleading.

I’ll add it in the feature requests, I think a big visible warning across the top of the dialog that says something like “Group running, changes cannot be saved” would be relatively easy and helpful.