Opaque binary resources implementation

I was wondering if there was any insight to the use of binary files to store information in Ignition.
Specifically looking at the Gateway Events.

I am aware of my options for more visibility today, but I was wondering if there was any momentum one way or the other of the use of bin files for future development. (Is there a lot of demand to de-encode these types of files? Or is the direction of development pushing for more .bin file usage?)

What are you trying to accomplish?

We're going to be migrating away from opaque binary storage for our own resources, where possible, as time goes on. I'm not sure if that's relevant though.

Small variety of eclectic items, from looking into git style revision control as briefly touched upon in the linked forum above.

To a (simple) search tool that can look through the whole gateway (instead of the by project basis that the current search works on).
Right now it grabs all of the JSON files and just returns the file name if it has found the search term, and the intention is to then use the built in Ignition search to narrow it down even further. It has saved some time since I operate on a large citizen development workspace where keeping track of what projects use what is challenging.