OPC addressing weirdness

I’d love to be able to fully take advantage of the drag and drop abilities of FactorySQL, but the addresses aren’t showing up correctly. For instance,when I browse an OPC server and look for a bit (say B3:0/15), the element B3:0 shows up, but not the bits. I drag and drop the element down and then I have to edit it and manually type in /15. It’s nothing new for me, the same thing happened in RsSQL. It’s not limited just to bits, it also happens on integers and strings.

We’re running SLC 5/05’s, so maybe they just don’t work perfectly in the OPC world, I don’t know.

PS - I just got approval for the purchase of FactorySQL!! I’m very excited.

Browsing is a convenience that has more to do with how the OPC server implements/supports it. The OPC server (probably RSLinx in your case) supports various syntax that modifies the data - the bitwise “/”, for example. There are other constructs - reading in BCD, versus Hex, a specific number of bits, changing the types, etc.

Bottom line - the specific tag path is more important than the browsing. If browsing doesn’t do it for you, create your groups with copy/paste and search/replace or import/export to CSV. You have much more power and flexibility than the browsing interface provides.

Just double click a tag to edit the properties more directly.