OPC-AE support

I am currently assessing Ignition as a middleware option to allow bridging of SCADA data for external application interface. Specifically, I am interested in using OPC-UA as a common interface standard for this, as it is (and will be) supported by an increasing number of third-party SCADA master stations.

I understand that the OPC-AE to OPC-UA bridge logic is not currently present in Ignition. While UPC-AE services appear under the Server folder, there appears to be no linkage to underlying data as there is for other services.

I am particularly interested in cross-platform OPC-AE access (Windows <–> Linux) for two reasons:

  1. One of my company’s systems (LIAP, an intelligent alarm processor) deals with SCADA alarms. Access to SCADA alarms via a standard protocol such as OPC-UA would simplify integration with most third party SCADA systems, and

  2. One of my clients has a policy of retaining SCADA alarm and event data for forensic purposes. There is a statutory constraint that all such data needs to be retained over and for the life of the underlying asset (approx 70 years). Issues arise whenever the SCADA master station is changed, and as a result it is more practical to store such data in an external historian or SQL database. (It is relatively simple to export and reimport data between DBMS rather than SCADA - to SCADA).

It appears that basic hooks already exist in Ignition to support OPC-AE. If this is implemented fully, then I can consider recommending Ignition for these purposes on upcoming projects over the coming two years, and to use it to support data interface for LIAP.

Please let me know if there is a timetable for implementing OPC-AE in Ignition.

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Sorry, there’s nothing on the timeline, although it doesn’t hurt that someone (you) has finally asked for it…

Just to clarify: OPC-AE is the alarming/events for the legacy DCOM-based OPC. In OPC-UA it’s called Alarms & Conditions. shrug Important distinction when picking out software that needs to be cross-platform/UA, I guess.

I guess this post will make me the second to ask for A&E support…

I support 6 sites with Emerson DeltaV control systems. The DeltaV A&E OPC Server is a COM based DA server.

DeltaV A&E info:http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM%20DeltaV%20Documents/ProductDataSheets/PDS_OPC_EventsServer.pdf

I need this as well. We are performing an alarm management project right now, and being able to import alarm info from OPC-AE would be very helpful.

Make it happen!

Just FYI - there is a great new portal for feature requests and up-votes: ideas.inductiveautomation.com/ - OPC-AE sounds like a great topic to post there.

You might want to consider the Cogent DataHub to address this. DataHub can convert OPC DA A&E to OPC UA Data points, so you can ingest the Alarms and/or Events. Learn more at DataHub | OPC A&E.