OPC arrays inside a UDT not compatible with Omron Driver?

I have been able to create arrays of all different datatypes in my Omron PLC and read them perfectly fine with the Omron Driver module.
I can also create a UDT structure in the Omron PLC which consists of base tags like REAL, INT, BOOL etc… and read them into Ignition fine.

The problem i am currently having is trying to read an array of somethings into Ignition when it is part of a UDT structure in the PLC.

For example i have a Recipe structure called [color=#FF0000]“UDT_GradeRcp”[/color] which contains a Name (String) and a GradeMin (Array[0…10] Of Real). I can’t seem to read the array through the OPC browser as shown in the screen caps.

Is there no support for arrays when they are under the umbrella of another structure? It’s fairly important to us to be able to access these.

On a semi-related noted, I noticed that the Omron driver seemed to fail to work when tags were nested more than 3 layers deep. But surely an array beneath a UDT structure is only considered 2-3 layers deep anyway?

Sounds like a bug; we’ll look into it.

Thanks, just want to add how awesome you guys are at keeping on top of things and helping out here on the forums. Much appreciated.

It seems that the way the Omron driver was parsing array addresses under a struct wasn’t quite right; this has been addressed in Ignition v7.8.4. Thanks!

Hi there,

I have Omron NJ driver v 2.9.2 which I just downloaded with Ignition v7.9.1.
I might have missed something here, but I am still experiencing the issue with array struture UDT.
The issue is almost all of the tags value in Ignition are showing “null” while the driver is still showing “connected”

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What is the structure of your UDT in the PLC?

I have 13 elements of INTs and 1 element of STRING[256]. It’s OK without Array but it doesn’t work with multiple arrays.

I think there is an issue with having a STRING inside a UDT when you make an array of that UDT.

I thought so too, but I have tried deleting the STRING member and the problem is still the same.

Did you add the tags to the NJ Device tag table properly? It might be better to open a ticket with Support.

Yes, I have done that. Thanks.