"OPC Bridge"

Hi all,

I have to solve reliable and fast interconnection between two OPCs (Modbus RTU and Konnex (EIB))
Do i need Standart or Limited version of SQLBridge?


It depends on what you are trying to do exactly. If you just want to log historical data the SQL database you can use the SQL Bridge Limited. However, if you want to transfer values from one OPC to another, send data from the database to OPC or more advanced data flow you will need the SQL Bridge Standard.

If you want to use a third party OPC-DA server like Kepware, Matrikon, RSLinx, etc, you will need the OPC-COM module. It provides a link to third party OPC-DA servers. If your OPC server supports OPC-UA you don’t need it.

The following comparison page talks about the different SQL Bridge versions:


Hope this helps.