OPC Browser errors when browsing RSLinx Classic OPC server

OPC browser failing on some tags when using RSLinx. Can’t determine what it is that’s causing some tags to fail, while others don’t.

Can you explain the nature of the “failure”? Is there any differences between the tags? What kind of tags are they?

Attached are screen shots of the error dialog and one of the tags that is failing.


What version of RSLinx is it?


2.54 (CPR9)

Okay, here’s what appears to be the problem. If we have a tag VFD_110, and we have tags named VFD_110100, VFD_110101, etc. the latter tags will not import properly. I don’t know if Ignition is only looking at the first x chars and thinks that the tags are not unique or what. If I rename VFD_110 to VFD_110a, then all of the VFD_110xxx tags import just fine. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the additional info. I’ll try to mock this up today and will let you know if I figure anything out.