OPC Browser for AB 1400


I am having some trouble with browsing OPC tags from an AB 1400.

All I can see are the first tags within the areas of the PLC and nothing else.
Any other tags referenced outside the first address come back with a NULL and Unknown tag quality
I have restarted the Gateway and OPC module and cant seem to find a solution.
Never seen this before. I am using v7.9.1. Has anyone come across this before, or know of a fix?


I am having the same problem and found that changing the name of my device in the gateway backend fixed the problem. However I don’t know how to get ignition to destroy the cache of the old name because when I change it back to the name I want the problem comes back.

I was only partially correct in my previous answer. Changing the name worked but only because that “device name” was not used in any of my projects.

The REAL problem was that one of my data types was accessing a data element (F8:5) in my PLC that did not exist because that option was not on that particular pump.

But when Ignition tried to access F8:5 and found it did not exist, for some reason it caused it to screw up any F8:* access. It took a while to narrow down but when deleting the F8:5 data element in my data type, all the other floats came to life.