OPC Client connection after failover


An OPC client has to connect to our active redundant ignition OPC server.

However the client does not have the information about the redundant state of the gateways.

Is there a known solution about this problem ?

The situation is illustrated like this :

If the “Exposed Tags” feature of the Ignition OPC UA server is enabled then the client could monitor the redundancy system tags to know about whether the server is the active node or not.

It’s also possible to configure the server to have the information necessary for OPC UA “Non-transparent Redudnancy” available in the address space: Ignition's OPC UA Server - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

In either case the client needs to be redundancy aware in some manner and capable of being configured with the endpoint information for both servers and know how/when to fail over.

Thank you