OPC client connection issues

I have faced OPC client connection issues on the Ignition gateway. Sometimes the connectivity shows 'Fault' and then suddenly reconnects. I connected the Kepware OPC link through OPC UA and verified it from the Kepware side as well. Kindly provide a solution for these issues

This forum is not support. We are volunteer users, for the most part. If you don't want to provide detailed diagnostic information in public for us volunteers to see, you need to work with IA support directly.

Thank you for you information

We can also help to a point here, but you have to give more information than just "it's broken and doesn't work sometimes". You need to show your configuration, explain how it's all set up, etc. If you can't do that in a public forum then you have to reach out to support.

I configured the OPC IP in the gateway OPC connection. On the Kepware side, all tags show good connectivity and quality. However, in the project, we bind the tag to the label, and the quality sometimes shows as 'Uncertain_LastKnownValue'. This issue happens randomly and affects the flow. Could anyone kindly provide a solution for this issue?