OPC COM connection between 64 and 32 bit systems

Hi. everybody.

We experience trouble with OPC connection between 32 ond 64 bit servers.
The thing is that the Ignition server is running 64bit OS (Win Server 2012 R2), and 64 bit java and 64 bit ignition 7.8 installed. On the other side we have 32 bit OPC server and 32 bit windows OS.

Everything works fine only if we connect to a 32 bit client with 32 bit ignition configuration.
But after the contract we must use 64 bit.
So that is what we have found about this problem

(NK-1300-0140 OPC Remote)
The installer now supports additional approved operating system versions including Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit).
Note Even though OPC Remote can now be installed on 64-bit operating systems, the OPC Remote is a 32-bit application and is compatible only with 32-bit OPC clients.

The question is, has any one tested that type of connection.

So, I would appreciate, if somebody give me a hint.

I havent went from 64-32, but I dont see why something like kepwares opc-ua wrapper wouldnt work.

The point is that I can connect to deltaV servers only after installing DeltaV OPC Remote on Ignition side.
It is ok using 32 bit ignition, but if I set java memory heap size more than 1.5 Gb, gateway doesn’t start or hangs just after start. I can enlarge ammout of memory for 64 bit java and ignition but then i loose connection with Deltav sources.
One of two problems is to be settled.


It’s interesting that they say that specifically, but normally the way it works is that you can certainly use 64-bit Ignition with a 32-bit OPC Server, but you have to install the 64-bit OPC Core Components.

Please try installing that and see how it goes. Since we’re talking about COM, I don’t see why their server would care- the core components should act as a bridge.


Of cource if we use 64bit os, then we use all other components in 64 bit, including Core components. But, as I wrote before, OPCremote supports 32bit package even if at 64 bit OS. I suggest you test using OPCremote with ignition at 64 bit architecture.


I don’t really think there is anything that we can do here. If they only work with 32-bit clients (which again, is unusual… RSLinx is 32-bit but works through the 64-bit core component, for example), then there’s nothing we can do about that. The fact that you can only use 1.5gb of RAM in 32-bit java is also not something we can affect, it’s an architecture limit.

Searching around on the internet, I see that since DeltaV and OPC Remote are so difficult, people usually use a tunneller like Kepware or Matrikon to connect to the opc server remotely, instead of relying on OPC Remote on the opc client machine.