OPC-COM module v2 beta (64-bit support)

UPDATE: This version of the OPC-COM module was released with Ignition 7.4

We have been working on upgrading the OPC-COM module to fix incompatibility issues with 64-bit systems, in addition to other small additions.

We hope to release it by the end of March, after the North American OPC Interoperability conference. In the mean time, we wanted to make it available here for customers who wish to test with it.

Download Links

Ignition 7.3
Ignition 7.4


o 64-bit Environments Supported
o Limited support for single dimension arrays tags of basic types (can be brought in as a string)
o Ability to use OPC’s “requested datatype” parameter

Known Issues

There are not currently any known issues. Please post any problems you encounter on this thread.

In order to use OPC at all, the OPC Core Components must be installed. These can be downloaded from the OPC Foundation (opcfoundation.org).

In general, they are installed by the OPC server. However, since the OPC servers virtually never install the 64-bit version that is required if using a 64-bit client (like Ignition), I wanted to post the installers here for convenience.

OPC Core Components x64

OPC Core Components x86

I’ve removed the download links from this post. The upgraded OPC-COM module with 64-bit support was released with Ignition 7.4.

Anyone wishing to run on 64-bit systems will need to install the 64-bit Core Components linked above.