OPC conformance test tool errors out while browsing the address space in opcua server

Hello there,

I am able to connect the opc conformance test tool to the opcua server (both running on same machine - windows). It starts browsing fine but errors out half way through.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


What devices do you have configured, if any? Why are you doing this in the first place? What conformance unit/test are you running when it happens?

Hello Kevin,

I haven't configured a separate device, both the opcua server (the stack) and opc conformance tool are running on my windows machine.
Before performing any test, test tool needs to browse the address spaces and find the "Safety provider" and "Safety Provider UTA" object.

As i mentioned in the post, for me test tool browse some of the object but errors right after it finds the Safety Provider object.


You've lost me. Are you in the right forum? Are you asking a question about Ignition, or just about OPC UA in general, and how the CTT interacts with some server of yours?