OPC connection errors during configuration in designer

  1. I have an OPC connection to a Trend IQVision. All the points from the IQVision appear in the OPC quick client. In the designer where im configuring them some of the points appear but im getting a lot of errors like: Error_Configuration("Bad_NodeIdUnknown: The node refers to a node that does not exist in the server address space.")
    These errors are in between points that are working in a CRAH unit and some are in the whole UPS unit with no working points.

  2. I also had an error saying that there are too many subscriptions. How many points can there be in one OPC connection ? I have 3800 points to monitor and only 1 IP address for the connection.

That comes directly from the OPC Server. You'll have to double-check your OPC Item Paths for correctness.

The limits are in the OPC server, not in Ignition. You can work around it for many servers by splitting your tags among multiple tag groups. Some OPC Servers (like Siemens) have limits on numbers of subscribed tags to limit the workload in the PLC, controlled by the license for the server.