OPC Connection for PI OSI Soft not connecting. uri: vs urn:

As part of an upgrade from Ign 7.9.3 to 8.0.10 we need to reconnect a PI (by OSI Soft) system to Ignition via OPC connection. The PI was connected to Ign 7 but is unable to access/locate the OPC connection in Ign 8. Field devices and Kepware has no issues with Ign 8’s OPC connections. The OPC connection itself shows up as Connected.
PI is telling us that it needs to see the gateway’s IP address in the tag Ignition OPC-UA Server/Server/NamespaceArray. This tag in Ign 7 shows uri: and then IP address but in Ign 8 it shows urn: and just inductiveautomation name, see pics below. How to get Ign 8’s (above) tag to show the Gateway’s IP address?
OS is Windows Server 2016 Standard

OPC UA does not define any kind of fixed format for namespace URIs that would include the IP address and there is no way to get Ignition 8 to show the IP address there.

I seriously doubt this is actually what’s wrong with your connection from OSI PI.

Thanks. I talked to PI and then IA tech support. The only thing that made it all work was to allow anonymous access in OPC UA server settings. This is ok since it is a test system but it seems like a certificate/authentication issue. Any ideas?

I have seen posts about modifying the certificate:

Those posts are usually about connections where Ignition is the client.

Maybe if you can get logs from both pieces of software and a Wireshark capture, but otherwise I’d just be guessing about how OSI PI works.