OPC Connection Status Page Broken


It seems as though the OPC Connection status page is broken in 8.1.2.

The following page shows the subscriptions on the connection:

Clicking the Nodes button reveals an empty list:

In the past (8.0.?) it used to show a list of the nodes with the status.

I’m trying to track down bad subscriptions and this is how I used to do it.


Hmm, I’ll make a ticket for it. Thanks.


In the meantime, is there a way to track down what the bad subscriptions are? I can see in the status that a few exist.

I just need the OPC node, the name will tell me exactly what Ignition tag is requesting it.

If you change the log levels for the loggers found by searching “OpcUaSubscriptionModel” and “OpcUaSubscriptionSynchronizer” to TRACE it’ll be noisy but you should periodically see the NodeId (OPC Item Path) for any tags that haven’t had a monitored item created and why it failed (probably Bad_NodeIdIUnknown or something).

I’ll give it a shot, thanks.
Might be easier to do a recursive tag browse and spit out any bad tags.