OPC connection system tags

Ignition 8.0.12
When I am adding a new OPC connection to the gateway with the gateway webbrowser, a new tagfolder is automatically added to ‘[System]Gateway/OPC/Connections’ with the same name as the added connection name.
This folder contains 2 booleans (Connected, Enabled) and a State string tag.
After editing this OPC connection name in de gateway webbrowser a new folder to ‘[System]Gateway/OPC/Connections’ is added with the new name only the original folder is not removed.
Is this correct?
How can I remove these not longer used (connection) tagfolders?

You shouldn’t have to do anything to remove these. This is a bug that we’ll have to fix.

Any update on this ticket?

It looks like as of 8.1.3 this should all work as expected.

I’m using version 8.1.7 and had 2 Kepware connections.
One is removed and the other is still active.
I see the removed connection as an empty folder in the system tags.

I’m using the view of the exchange for showing the gateway status:

I’ll open another ticket but I’m not able to reproduce this locally (8.1.9 nightly I guess). The connection’s folder and child immediately disappear from system tags when I delete the connection.

Can you upload a screenshot of your system tags from the Designer?


Okay I opened another ticket :confused:

Same issue here on 8.1.9

I also have the same problem with the database connections (Version 8.1.10).

Do you got any updates regarding this bug?