OPC Connection Tag Sate


I want to know the OPC Connection State (Connected or Disconnected).
I am searching for a tag but didnt found such tag.
I want to generate an alarm when OPC connections is lost.
How Can I do this?
Any idea?


Every OPC connection has a Gateway System Tag that indicates its connection status.


I can see only these system tags.
I think I am using lower version 7.3, it is not available for this version.
any idea for 7.3 version, how we will get OPC Connection Stae?


Sorry, I don't think there's anything that can help you out in 7.3. Too old.

Actually, it might be worth seeing if system.opc.getServerState exists in 7.3: system.opc.getServerState - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation

How about this function?
will it work for me?

Actually I am trying but not working.

if((runScript(“system.opc.getServerState(‘Matrikon UCS’)”,5000)) = “CONNECTED”,

Does it work when called in a gateway timer script?

Not tried on timer script.
I tried on expression tag.
How I will get Name of OPC Server connection?
I am not sure I am passing correct value or Not.

Go to the configuration section of the gateway and look at what it's configured as.

It is showing like this, What is name of the Connection from this?

Looks like you have a single connection called "Kepware".

Does the "Configure" area show the same name?

Yes In Configure it is showing "Kepware".
and I am trying to create one Expression tag like this but it's not working