OPC Connection to OFS (Schneider OPC Factory) - Addresses need space at the end?

I'm connecting to an OFS OPC-DA server, a Schneider application to connect to Schneider PLCs, and noticed something weird. Some addresses in Ignition to access the tags from the OPC server need a space added to the end of them, otherwise the values read as "null".

This works (KANG_PLC!Citrus_LowPressure )
But this reads as null (KANG_PLC!Citrus_LowPressure)

I'm reading these tags in another SCADA platform as well and they read fine without the ending space, so figured it's something in Ignition?

Did you figure this out?

As far as I can tell we pass the OPC Item Path as the ItemId, completely unmodified, just like we do with OPC UA as the NodeId. So if you need or don't need a space that seems like a problem with the server.

Nope I still have the space at the end :person_shrugging: nothing would surprise me re the opc da server though....