OPC DA and Ignition


I have a general question about OPC DA server connexions.

I have just resolved a problem with OPC DA connections and Ignition.

I have a local OPC server (32bits) and the Ignition gateway on the same machine which is a 64bits.

My conf=iguration was:

  • Ignition 64b
  • Java 32 bits
  • OPC core component 32b (x86)
  • a local OPC DA 2 serve (32bits)

I had crashes on the gateway every 1 or 2 days and I had to restart it

I have changed to use

  • Ignition 64b (no change)
  • Java 64 bits (install from Oracle web site + pointer in thein the Ignition data\conf file)
  • OPC core component 64 bits (I have uninstall 32 bits and reinstall 64b from OPC foundation)
  • a local OPC DA 2 serve (32bits) (no change)

I have no more crashes on the gateway and all is working well now( all is in 64b , on ly the OPC DA server is in 32b). So I have resolved my problem

I was asking myself if instead of a local OPC server I have 2 remote opc DA servers, more precisely one in 32bits and another in 64b)

In this case you say in the documentation that the OPC core componentmust be installed on the remote (OPC server side) machine and on the local (Ignition machine)

But in this case if I have several remote servers mixed 32 and 64, wich version of OPC Core component must I use on the Ignition side . 64 ? 32 ? or I must install the 2 versiuons ?

Any idea ?

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On the Ignition machine you will always install the version that matches the Ignition version. If Ignition/Java are 64bit then you’ll install the 64bit core components, even if the local OPC-DA server is only 32bit. On the remote machine that is only running an OPC-DA server you’ll install the core components that match the architecture of the OPC server. It’s ok that the core component architectures on the remote and local machines don’t match up. Hope this makes sense.

OK I understand

I had an OPC DA 32b, 32 bits core components, and 64b Window and 64b Java on my server
so it was working a little but crashing sometimes.

I have put the 64b OPC core component and now it’s OK