OPC DA Client Providing Stale Data

I have a strange issue with ignition acting as an OPC DA Client to Autosol. The issue is, Ignition polls the Autosol OPC DA Server, I can see Autosol poll the device, and write data back to ignition. Ignition updates the tags last executed time, but leaves a stale tag value. These are values that are changing by a very small amount, as the device is sitting on a desk not actually reading anything. Even if I change the values, ignition does not pick them up. The only way to get ignition to update the tag timestamp is to open the tag, edit it, and click ok. These same tags work in a test OPC Client (OPC Check), and update properly.

Is there a way to enable logging of what ignition is reading back from another OPC server to see where the hang up is? Ignition is reading tags from another device on the same OPC server no problem. I am not able to use the OPC client, which can only browse for the tags, because I need to manually type the tag name in.