OPC DA COM module for communication

Hi, I’m new to Ignition. I’m trying to connect the RSLogix 500 with Emulate 500 and Ignition through the OPC COM module.

Currently, I’m running ignition on my local machine and I have installed the 64-bit Core Component package. As per the documentation, it is mentioned that “OPC COM connection” should be available under “Create new OPC Connection” but I could only find the existing OPC UA connection available. Am I doing it the wrong way or is there any better way to establish the connection between RSLogix 500 with Emulate 500 and Ignition?

It sounds like you might not have the OPC COM module installed. You can download it here: https://inductiveautomation.com/downloads/ignition/8.1.1

Make sure to change the version from the drop down at the top of the page to match whatever you have installed.

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Thank you for the response. Downloaded the OPC COM module but RSLinx Classic (free version) which I’m using doesn’t seem to support OPC. Is there any other way I can pull the data out from the RSLogix 500 (with emulate 500) to Ignition like some other OPC servers that I can use?

Nothing I’m aware of, but maybe somebody else will chime in.

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You’ll have to purchase a license for RSLinx Gateway. Rockwell does not have any automatic “trial” functionality.

(I keep a real SLC 5/05 in my lab to avoid these issues.)