OPC DA connection Fails eventually

Hi All,
We have established OPC DA connection with Archestra Gateway. it establishes connections and we are able to read tags from the gateway but after sometimes we loss tag update on Ignition. When we restart connection it starts refreshing again values/tags. When we try to browse tags in OPC quick client, it shows warning in log as below:

Anyone faced similar issue or any thoughts on it, please share. Thanks in advance.

Hi @shabir.ahmed did you get this working in the end? I would like to hear more about the configuration you use as I'm looking to set up coms between our Archestra historian and Ignition.

Historian is unrelated to OPC unless you're trying to get Archestra Historian to collect data from Ignition in which case I have no idea how that connection would work as I've never had to do that.

If you're trying to read data from historian into Igntion, Archestra historian will have to use a MSSQL database connection and you'll have to write some queries to get the data out of the historian. I personally haven't tried it with Ignition to Archestra Historian, so not sure if the trends will get the data the way you need it, but you might be able to manipulate it enough to get it working.

Hi SWoollett, actually i left the project and not sure how it was handled. For Archestra Historian it would be easier as you will not use OPC. You will get data from historian DB.