OPC-DA Connection Trouble

Hi all,

I’m experiencing a problem in connecting Ignitions OPC DA to a Siemens WinCC OPC DA Server.

After going through all the pain in the world with all the DCOM settings, and failing to add the the server, I tried using some software (OPC Expert) to connect to the WinCC server, suspecting it would be a server side issue.

But, to my surprise, I can easily connect to the server with OPC Expert, yet in the Ignition Gateway the status is FAULTED.

I tried all the checkbox settings for the OPC DA connection, FAULTED nevertheless.

The error in the wrapper log is: Error connecting OPC-COM server.
com.jniwrapper.win32.com.ComException: COM object method returns error code: 0x80040153; Invalid value for registry

I tried so many solutions, both from the forum, and from other forums, but none worked.

I will attach screenshots from the OPC client and Java log, maybe someone has a better idea than me.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Do you have 64-bit Ignition and a 32-bit COM server? Over local COM, 32-bit and 64-bit servers/clients won’t see each other.

If it’s remote/DCOM, the architecture can be different.

Thanks Paul,
We’re talking about remote DCOM, and I understand there are some other issues regarding the DCOM security settings.
I’ve used all the documents created by Matrikon, Kepware, etc, already.
I even created same users and password for both the OPC server and Ignition.
What bugs me is that browsing works, and I can read all the tags using OPC Expert, but somehow Ignition fails to establish a working connection …

One big difference is that Ignition is running as a service (under the corresponding service user) whereas you’re running other clients as an application under the user you’re logged in as. That usually plays into the configuration somehow…