OPC DA Connection with Yaskawa

Hello Devs !!

I am facing an issue to connect over OPC DA with a Yaskawa OPC Server "Mwiec OPC Server" I have attempted diferent setups in DA Chanel configuration but didn't work in any way. The curious its when i am usiing Matrikon OPC to test it works good...

Do you have ideas that how can i solve it ??

@pturmel Can you Help ?

I don't use OPC DA.

This probably means that you are compromising security. DCOM has been depreciated for this reason. You should be using OPC UA which allows secure communication without compromise.

Kepware have a Yaskawa OPC server. They come with a 2-hour trial licence and pricing for subscription based or once-off payment.

Note that Phil Turmel is not on IA staff so it may be a bit unfair to ping him directly. He seems to pounce on any questions that he knows the answer to so there is no need.

I Have already tested in two kepware versions that i have working good but it wasn't work too, i am able to read tags over matrikon in the 03 VM that i tested but over kepware and ignition is not working...

And about Purnel I am really so sorry but i did some confusion guessing he be part og Ignition team !!

Do you have another idea how can i handlle it ??

I also did the recomendations from Ignition Documentation below: