OPC-DA errors

I am trying to connect the Ignition software to a Delta V control system using the OPCwatchit software that is provided by Emerson.

The OPCwatchit software is installed on the same machine that is running the Ignition gateway.

A connection has been established between the Delta V system, and the OPCwatchit software.

The latest OPC core components have been installed on both the Delta V system, and the system running OPCwatchit and the ignition software.

Using the OPCwatchit software, I can browse the tags on the Delta V OPC Server. The OPCwatchit software acts as an OPC-DA server forwarder according to my Emerson contact.

My issue comes when I try to connect to the Ignition system.

I go through the process of adding a OPC-DA server, and the OPC.DeltaV.1 pops right up when asking which OPC server you want to add. Configuration is finalized, and I get the following error:

COM object method returns error code: 0x80040154; REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG (Class not registered)

I have confirmed the the CLSID matches what is running on the Delta V system.

What can I do from here? Running 64bit version. I saw that there were some issues connecting with the 64 bit version. Where can I download the kepware opc-ua wrapper to try and get it communicating?


The Kepware demo has a two hour license, just like Ignition. You could also create an account and download any version of their KepServerEX product. Everything you need should be on their site. Call them (or anyone) if you need assistance.

have you tried some other opc clients?

matrikon explorer is my favorite and of course kepware has their version. both are excellent and free. at least like that you can verify that something besides what is packaged with the software can connect to it.


First off, 64-bit is fine, though you must make sure to install the 64-bit core components, not 32-bit.

Next, in looking around for more information on “OPCWatchIt” (which doesn’t seem to be an opc server, though does seem to be part of the toolkit that you need to install on the client), I found this blog post that seems a bit helpful. The take away is that you have to 1) install the remote toolkit on the client (ignition) machine 2) make sure that opcwatchit can see data on the ignition machine and 3) probably set the ignition service to run as a different user.

Since the DeltaV components won’t run as a service, you’ll probably need to set Ignition to run as an interactive user (or possible the “DeltaVAdmin” account mentioned in that post), and then you’ll probably need to edit the opc server settings in the Component Services config and set it to always “run as the interactive user”. This article has more info about that.

I’ve seen various customers set up local connections, but not remote. However, since they make a special remote gateway, I think you should eventually be able to get it to work. I don’t think using kepware will get you much further in this case, since it sounds like you would just be using their OPC-DA client driver to pass through to UA, and so you’ll still have to get the OPC/COM stuff right for that connection as well.


Hey Colby,

I have a project will need to set up OPC-DA by using AutoSol to DeltaV, I am wondering if you have any case study or reference about this set up I can learn? Thank you!