OPC DA - Interactive User

I have an OPC DA bridge/client software (from Mahlo) that I’m trying to connect to via Ignition. I have installed the Mahlo server on the Ignition gateway, and it shows up as expected in the OPC connection setup. It stays Faulted, however, with the error “The server did not indicate that it was ready to receive connections”. Any suggestions on this error message?

I’ve also noticed that if I run the server under my account, it runs with no issue as “10AOpcServer.exe”, while if Ignition launches it it runs as “10AOPC~1.EXE”. I have it set to run as a specific user, but I don’t know how to validate that it is loading appropriately (other than simply seeing it in task manager, which I do). Does anyone know why it is running as a different name? The resource usage is extremely low for the 10AOPC~1.EXE application as well. I tried running it as ‘Interactive User’ but that was just simply running it as someone else already logged into the system.

As a follow-up, we couldn’t get the OPC DA resolved but found that they had a beta OPC UA option that worked flawlessly for us.

We have several mahlos and I am using the older DA , running it thru Kepware and then into Ignition. It’s not elegant but it works. I hope they release the UA server.