OPC DA Problem

I am trying to connect with a local OPC DA Server but all time I get the error that indicate the figure below.

However, I ´ve installed the software matrikon explorer and it finds the opc server right.

I´ve executed the software “Matrikon Analyzer” and my Dcom configuration report is attached.
DCOMInfo.txt (2.86 KB)

Ignition is running as a service with user as SYSTEM.

Matricon Explorer is running under a local user.

You’ll have to change Ignition’s server to run under the local user.

Inductive has a document that tells you how to fix this problem.

Where do I find that document?


I did find another free tool that you might finde helpful:

OPC Security Analyzer - Free Tool

Advosol Inc.

Even though you may be doing local OPC, DCCOM has to be setup correctly.


Applying all point of indicated Kb runs still wrong

I would revisit the knowledge base article. This article is what we use in house when establishing OPC DA connections. If you follow it from beginning to end you should be able to connect to your OPC server. I will also attach below the .doc version I have.

Also, if you select full-screen in the console you will be able to see the entire error message. A screenshot of the entire error message would give us a much better idea of what the actual error is.
OPC Com article.doc (38.5 KB)

You’ll want to put the CLSID in the OPC config on Ignition as well.(under the advanced setting iirc)