OPC DA Timestamp source

Hi I’m using ignition 7.9 and communicate with Schneider OPC factory server.
The OFS is getting data from Schneider PLC which has it 's hardware timestamp configure.
So when i get data from OPC, I need the exact time that the signal trigger, not the system time.
But the restriction of the OFS is when i connect with an OPC client, I need to create an OPC group name : ##TSEventsGroup## and add OPC items to get the timestamp from hardware, any other group name i will only get the server time, this is the behaviour of the Schneider OPC Factory Server. I try to create OPC item in transaction group and name the group:##TSEventsGroup## but i always get system time only.
Any idea where to define OPC group name in Ignition ? usually we just browse the tag and drag it to become OPC tag, but now I need to create OPC group with the name specific in OFS to get the hardware timestamp.

Also another concern is, in alarm page, the date and time column the resolution is only up to second, any option we can set the resolution to millisecond ?
Thanks a lot.

I open the client windows from OFS, it show group name :
Group_0004 …
which I cant find anywhere to define in ignition.

Unfortunately I don’t think you have control over the name Ignition uses for the COM subscriptions, whether in a transaction group or just a tag belonging to a scan class.

Hi. The name of subscription can be change in the ofs configuration. I just get a reply from one of the forumer that i can actually create a new scan class, and find out the new COM subscription group name in ignition logging. Then i use the same group name to configure in ofs. I will try it out and see if it s work.