OPC-DA Unknown Quality

I’m trying to connect to data from a remote machine running Wonderware system platform using OPC-DA. I’m able to connect to the da server, but I’m unable to browse tags except the system $sys tags. If I use the Matrikon OPC client I can type in the tag path and get good quality data, but if I try it in Ignition, I get nulls and the unknown tag quality icon.

I’m using Ignition 7.9.3.

Has anybody had success doing this?

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Any errors in the gateway console? System -> Diagnostics -> Logs.

Not for a while. I had a COMSubscription warning about 45 minutes ago.

Go through these steps and see if you get any errors in the console each time:

  1. Edit -> Save the connection in Ignition, from Configure -> OPC Connections -> Servers

  2. Open the quick client, try to browse the DA server

  3. Bring in $sys tags

  4. Create an OPC tag manually

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After step 1, I get these warnings and errors:

After browsing, I get the browse warnings:

Bringing in the system tags and creating an opc tag manually didn’t give any problems.

Hello All,

I am getting the same the problem as above topic. I have created one OPC connection and created Topic name on RSLinx Classic gateway. the PLC is Emulated PLC. So when I am getting problem of tag values are null and Unknown. the OPC Connection is Connected but still I am getting the tag quality Null, Unknown on Ignition QuickClient.

Also on the Logs page, i am getting error i.e COMSubscription - [Scanclass ‘Default[default]’] Failed to add 156 items to the subscription- error codes were returned from the OPC server. To see the codes, change the log level to debug and re-initialize the items.
Awaiting your responses.

Having the same issue and warning logs here, is there any solution?