OPC Development Environment

I have a gateway backup from a system that is currently using Vision. There's an expansion project and we're also migrating to Perspective at the same time. Is there a way I can set up the existing OPC device so that it doesn't have to be connected, the tag values remain at their last value, and the tags connected to the device show the value instead of Error_Configuration?

I'll be going through and organizing tags/making UDTs as needed and it would be nice to know if the OPC tag connected without having to manually check the paths on the new vs old tags.

Not possible from the gateway backup, IIRC, but is possible from the original system. Simply convert all of the OPC tags to memory tags while connected, and they will capture the current value. Then make your gateway backup in this state.

Since I have access to the Logix project, I actually used the L5K parser to make a simulation device and temporarily renamed the actual device. This works for most tags, but currently not for bit-level access of the tags.

Consider trying my EtherNet/IP module's L5X import. It should support bit-level access. Use these instructions (and watch for the gotchas):

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