OPC Device Connections unstable

Hey all,

We have a lot of OPC connections that are unstable. Most are using Modbus/TCP drivers, and they will connect sometimes. But often they cycle between "connecting, disconnected," or "ReconnectWait." At the same time several of our Modbus driver connections are working just fine. I am a lesser experienced Ignition user so might need a bit of walk through in troubleshooting this issue. With these two devices in particular, I can reboot the sensor and the connection will reestablish for about a week. I'm not even sure where to begin to be honest. Are there some troubleshooting tools in Ignition for this? Using Ignition 8.1.33 currently. Thanks for the help in advance!

No, not really. I recommend collecting a wireshark capture from the gateway during one of these events. Use a capture filter for the target IP address, typically host w.x.y.z

Perhaps, use Wireshark's "ring buffer" mode to continuously capture with file rollover (for a known length of past time).

Whatever is happening will be pretty clear in a packet capture.

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