OPC Device Does Not Update for New Tags

I have a ControlLogix L82 setup as a device for the OPC-UA server. It’s set to monitor for tag additions, but for some reason it’s not updating for new tags. Tried restarting the server, no change. Refreshing OPC does nothing. I have two systems setup right now, one with 7.9.5 and the other with 7.9.8. OPC versions are 4.9.5 and 4.9.6, respectively. Both are giving us this issue. Anyone got any ideas?

NVM all, figured it out. The engineer I had setup the tags in the PLC set the External Access to “None” i.e. not OPC reachable. Gonna have to figure out why he’s setting up his tags that way, but for future people who find this, that’s a good thing to check.

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I don’t know what firmware version this behavior changed in, but it used to be that tags configured with External Access = None were visible in the browse but returned 0x0F privilege violation when you attempted to read them. This new behavior has been leading to similar confusion with other users.

Ah interesting, we’re running v29 in both PLC’s at the moment and it’s the first I’ve seen it, but it’s probably also just the first time somebody set it to None for us. I talked to my guy and he says he didn’t change that setting himself, so it might also be that ControlLogix is setting tags to None by default now? In any case, easy fix once you find it :slight_smile: