OPC devices not availabel on server

Project migrated from 7.7 to 7.9 server (different IP, different machine)

OPC devices are showing as up and connected
OPC connection to local server is showing as connected

I can see server tags but no devices.

OPC server endpoint is IP of machine (was DNS name first, but changed to IP to be explicit)
Rebooted after this change.

I have regenerated certs as the cert still contained IP for old server.

The only strange thing i see is that if I try and discover endpoint on either localhost or endpoint address the subsequent selection shows IP address anomaly (a address which is not within our network - no idea where it comes from)

Regardless the connection is flagged as up.

Screenshot of quick client below…as you can see it is up as there are server tags, but as you can see no devices.

Running out of ideas to try…hopefully someone has seen this before.

Endpoint discovery is broken in some way.

I changed password of opcuauser on my machine and updated credential for the corresponding connection and it does not work.

If I now set the connection password back to its default (it was “password” - first try), but with my local module account still changed it works again.

Now I know what is going on but have no way to fix it.

I’m discovering incorrect endpoints from another server and not that of my local machine. Even selecting “localhost” endpoint stuffs up.

I am basically up the creek currently, because one can not type in a full endpoint…you have to select a discovered one for it to work.

Is there some way to fix this?

Switched server to port 4097instead of 4096.

Redid discovery to port 4097 instead of 4096 and correct IP turned up.

Now it works as expected.

I have also figured out what has happened, we have both a dev and production instance of server running on same machine…of course we forgot to change ports on the dev one. DOH!