OPC driver info for AB CompactLogix

I’m trying to determine what information is available in the device tag:


I tried to attach a screen capture of image as .png, but was unable to.


It’s basically just the status word of a CIP Identity Item… which by definition has a vendor-specific meaning.

Digging through enough documentation will lead you to this:

15...14 Meaning
01 Controller is changing modes
10 Debug mode if controller in run mode

13...12 Meaning
01 Keyswitch in run
10 Keyswitch in program
11 Keyswitch in remote

11...8 Meaning
0001 Recoverable minor fault
0010 Unrecoverable minor fault
0100 Recoverable major fault
1000 Unrecoverable major fault

7...4 Meaning
0000 Reserved
0001 Flash update in progress
0010 Reserved
0011 Reserved
0100 Flash is bad
0101 Faulted modes
0110 Run
0111 Program

No info on the lowest 4 bits it seems…

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That’s exactly what I needed.

Thanks, Kevin