OPC failover and reset

I have set up a primary and failover backup of Ignition based OPC-UA computers. The question is: how do we know if we have failed over to the backup computer, and can it be set up so a plant operator can reset the pair back to the primary system through a SCADA screen?


There’s no indication right now. I’m going to make a ticket so I don’t forget about this; hopefully I can implement something soon.

(Assuming you’re talking about the advanced option when setting up a UA connection to specify a failover endpoint/settings.)


A two year old post but was this ever done. it would be really handy to know if the OPC connection had failed over.

You can vote for this :wink:
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There is currently an advanced setting if you edit your OPC-UA server connection for a failover OPC server.

Great, but the orignial request was to get a status to know when the OPC connection is using FailOver or not and also a way to return to the primary connection when available !