OPC Failover settings

Having issues with backup server settings for v7.9. With 7.8 and before we mere put the IP address to the secondary server. With 7.9 we have several more fields:

Backup Discovery URL:
Backup Endpoint URL:
Failover Endpoint:

Our OPC is Kepware v5 and v6. We are in the process of upgrading Kepware, need to get the Ignition to failover to the secondary server running v6. I can create a separate connection in Ignition to the secondary server, but when I try to add in that server to be the redundant backup, the connection faults. I originally just put “opc.tcp://” in Backup Endpoint URL, but have tried with adding that to Backup Discovery and Failover Endpoint as well.

Anyone using Kepware added in redundant OPC connections in 7.9? Would really appreciate any help on this.