OPC Item Path expression floor() and toInt()

I'm about 99% sure what I'm trying to do is simply not possible, but I'd like to make sure.

My UDT has a parameter "alarmnumber". Together with the offset, I can use this to calculate the address;

alarmnumber/8 + . + alarmnumber%8

Alarm 1 becomes 0.1, alarm 6 is 0.6, alarm 10 is 1.1

The issue is, alarmnumber/8 returns float 0.875 instead of int 0. Because it's an OPC Item Tag-path, I can't seem to use either floor/toInt.

Is there a way to get this done?

Should edit to add I've tried using the { param | #0 } formatting but this rounds the 0.875 float up to a 1 int.

Make sure your alarmnumber parameter is an integer, not a string.