OPC item path?

did the convention for the OPC Item Path definition change between versions 7.2.8 and 7.3?
I’ve recently upgraded and notice all of my tags (i only had a few) are no longer active. When i re-iport from say, the Simulator OPC i see the path has changed from
[Simulator]ItemName to “[Simulator]_Meta:ItemName” is this normal? Will “_Meta” always be a suffix to the OPC name?

It’s only the simulator drivers that changed. Easiest way is to just drag the tags in again.

There’s also a 7.3-specific Dairy Demo project on the website.

since were on the subject, can you tell me how to bit pick integer items to create a boolean tag?
example in a SLC, B3:0 is the integer, but B3:0/0 is the first bit but when i try and create a boolean tag using B3:0/0 does not appear to work.
along the same lines, how about bit picking an integer tag to display as a boolean component on a graphic?
thanks again,

What version of Ignition are you using? I’m pretty sure there was a bug in 7.3.0 that prevented addressing bits on SLCs.

just upgraded to 7.3.0.
what is the latest version i should be using?

The latest version is 7.3.1 which you can get from our downloads page.