OPC item refresh


Ignition 8.0.12
PLC ControlLogix V32.

Sometimes, when a tag is added in the PLC, the Ignition’s OPC server do not refresh all the items in the OPC server. So we cannot se the opc item in the OPC browser.

When this happened, we can desactivate and then reactivate the device. But that mean a downtime in the connection. Is there another way to force a tag refresh witjout closing the connection with the PLC?


Hmm… I can’t think of any other way to force this right now.

What is it about the edit/save that is a problem - the temporary blip in quality for the tags or something else?

Thanks you Kevin,

The problem is when we add a tag in the PLC, sometimes Ignition do not refresh the PLC Tags list. So the new tags cannot be used in Ignition.

A button manually force the driver to refresh the PLC tags would be very appreciated.