OPC Items have disappeared

I was working on my (trial) project on Friday and everything was fine, but when I returned Monday I was not able to browse for OPC tags. My status map said that I was connected, but I had no live data in my tag browser. I noticed that my OPCUA Server Endpoint address was not addressed to this PC. I changed the IP address and restarted from the Gateway Control Utility and everything is back to normal. Did I do the right thing? And what is the proper way to avoid this from happening in the real world?

Is it possible that your IP address changed or that somebody changed the UA configuration?

Most likely my IP changed on reboot. I was supprised when I found the setting, since it was automatically set up. Should I just set my IP address on the computer to avoid this in the future?

That would be the easiest way to avoid this problem and it’s definitely what you do once you’re in production.

There’s two settings you want to tie to the IP address:

  • The UA Connection (OPC Connections > Server)
  • The UA Server Endpoint Address (Ignition OPC-UA Server > Settings > Server)

The server endpoint address requires a gateway restart to take effect.

Are there any issues with using a hostname instead of IP address here?

Shouldn’t be as long as it reliably resolves in your favor :smiley: