OPC/Modbus connection with DHCP?

We have several home-grown units that connect to our Ignition server via Modbus using static IP addressing. Works great.

Another location within our organization is having trouble connecting one of these devices. The issue is purely on the IT side. The IT guy is asking if DHCP is permissible in lieu of a static IP address. I can configure the device for this but the question is if Ignition would accept this.

The wording on the configuration screen is Hostname/IP address. Would a DHCP name be accepted by Ignition?



You can put either a hostname or IP address in that field, as the hint mentions. Hostnames will be resolved by the DNS resolver configured on the system running the gateway. IP addresses are of course used directly. If you’re configuring the device for DHCP, it will attempt to obtain an IP address through broadcasting to an available DHCP server. The allocation of a given IP is not necessarily coupled to a registration in DNS. You’d have to make sure that your your DHCP server creates/updates an associated DNS name that will be served by the DNS Server configured on your Ignition Gateway host OS.

This makes perfect sense, thanks! I will pass to our team. We’ve only used static IP addressing up to now but this is a tool we’ll keep in our pocket. Mahalo for your help.