OPC Module malfunction

The Ignition OPC UA Server has malfunctioned.

Upon checking OPC Connections under config. There were no connections created (although I have had them connected for quite a while)
I then clicked ‘create new’ to create a new connection but was met with a blank page.
I clicked next and a message popped up.
“field ‘choice’ requered”
-There were no fields to fill out in prevous page… sigh

I then checked my modules’ where I found State : Faulted ([getstring(ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_LIST)]) must not be null

I then un-installed said module and re-installed, same fault re-occurred.

I am now to uninstall ignition in its entierty and re-install it again.
Has anyone had the same problem, how did you solve this (did you solve it differently?)


You can fix this by running a query against the internal DB.

Navigate to http://localhost:8088/web/status/sys.internaldb and then execute this query:

update OPCUASERVERSETTINGS set ENDPOINTADDRESSLIST = '<hostname>,<localhost>'

What seems to have happened is somebody saved the OPC UA server settings page with an empty Endpoint Address List. Later versions of Ignition should have validation on these fields that prevents it from happening.

edit: looks like the validation is only on Security Policy List and Port :confused: