OPC module need restarting

Hi everyone,
i have a 8.0 server which is running one perspective project. The project is running since april 1st collecting data by modbus from several PLCs through gsm connection. Everything runs fine for most of the time.
But I’ve had an issue twice 'til now: ALMOST ALL the tags in ALL the PLCs are stuck with “uncertain” quality and “last value” held even if ALL the PLCs are correctly online. This is true in tag browser, in perspective view, in historian. I’ve found no better way to recover the situation than restarting OPC module from gateway administration page. When the module is restarted every tag comes back with good quality (and so it stays)
This is a nasty situation, as a workaround could I trigger or schedule an opc module restart in some way?

Can you upgrade to 8.0.1 and call into support if it happens again?

Thank you Kevin,
of course I can, in a couple of days I should be able to go for the upgrade. We’ll see.