OPC path for nested UDT

Hi there,

I'm trying to make nested UDT tag for OPCUA. I have made it like this, which is identicly as how its provided from the PLC via OPCUA.

Problem is that every tag is binded to its own OPCUA tag path. When I add an instance of "kettle", i have to adjust the OPCUA tag for each of them. How can this be done effectively?

I want to add many instances, and I was hoping I could use drag and drop while browsing opc tags, and that the opc path was updated. Is that possible?

I assume the way to go is use the OPCUA path of "kettle" and adjust the path for each tag below based on its name, but I dont get how that can be accieved.

That's what UDT parameters are for. Create a parameter that represents the "folder" of the OPC Item Path. Have all nested OPC tags use that with a suffix to address the real target.

Thanks. I have tried to accomplish that, but not sure how I should approch. Any chance you can show me an example?

While I could just show you, I think it's better if you go learn it from the videos here:

Especially watch the ones based on UDTs and parameters in UDTs.