OPC Quick Client not finding connected controller

I'm new to ignition and I'm having a problem seeing tags from a newly connected Allen Bradley CompacLogix. The PLC is connected, but the OPC quick client is not showing any connections:

Any ideas?

You don't appear to have an OPC connection to Ignition's own OPC UA server defined.

This is configured by default in a fresh install, so it must have been deleted by somebody.

That is definitely possible. Can you tell me how to recreate this?

You'll use the discovery/endpoint URL opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery.

great - i will give that a try

The ignition OPC UA server was restored but it is in a faulted state


I do not have permission to configure the OPC UA server (?):

I had a Gateway backup that I was able to restore - the OPC UA Server is working again.
Thanks for your help!