OPC Quick Client

It appears that this has some problems. It drops any subscriptions I have made at random times and the scroll bar doesn’t always work as a normal scroll bar would. If you drag the bar to pull it down, it goes just so far then stops. You have to grab it again and again to get to the bottom of the page. But there are a couple of things that would really make this much more worthwhile.

First of all, it would be nice if it would keep the subscriptions you create until you tell it to delete them. If you leave this page to go look at something else on the Configure page, it loses all the subscriptions you created and you have to put them all back in again. A real pain for sure. On most OPC clients I have used, the subscriptions persist until you close the client, and you can save your subscriptions and load them back in again in the future. That would be a nice feature here.

Second, you need to be able to edit the subscription address after you create one. There are many addresses that do not show up in the browse, and there is no way I can find to create them or edit an existing subscription address to see what I need to see. I have to go to SQL Tags and create a temporary tag there to do so. For instance, here is the browse for an electronic flow meter. I am wanting to subscribe to an analog input (AI) FILTERED_EU:65 to look at the battery voltage that is read on that point. The only thing I can subscribe to is FILTERED_EU:0.

There are many more tags like that where you need to change a default address to see something that is not in the browse.