OPC read/write problems

Good morning guys.

I have this situation:

I am working with CLX v30.013 and Ignition 7.9.6.

The problem is, I can see the tags in the OPC browser, but when I drag that tag to designer TAGS folder, I can not see the value and getting this message with all tags I have:

Error Writing to tag.value.
Bad, unespecified.

In the device monitor shows how many tags I have and says is working, but in the designer I can not see tag actual value and not working.

I am using OPC-UA server.

Thabks for your help.

Did you choose one of the legacy ControlLogix/CompactLogix drivers when setting it up rather than the “Logix Driver” for v21+?

I am using this connection:

Allen-Bradley Logix Driver
Connect to Allen-Bradley Logix family devices, including devices with firmware v21+.

Are the tags you’re trying to read/write set up with External Access = Read/Write in the PLC?

yes, tags are configured to have external acces

Okay, you might want to call into support so they can do a little more in depth troubleshooting.

so, I just try with another laptop (ignition gateway), I configure the same PLC and in that laptop I can see all tags values… Im trying to see what us the difference between, I havent found it. I configure inbound rule to give acces to 44818 port. I still have the issue. Any idea?

Hi We were facing the same issue.
We had set the connection path for the Allen Bradely Control Logix device.
Device status was connected
Tag were visible BUT Tag showed bad quality unspecified.

Solution That worked for us.

  1. Removed the connection path.
  2. Added Slot Number value as “1” which was the processor location.
  3. Usually you can try values from 1 to 5 and check if working.