OPC server connection is faulted. Question

I noticed on the gateway that the Production OPC server is faulted:

OPC server connection is faulted. Type "Production_ServerType" is not a known server type.

But when i go into the OPC Server Connections “Production” is not listed.

If I go into System->Console Viewer->“SELECT * FROM OPCSERVERS” I can see the following OPC entry.

1	Production	Production_ServerType	Production OPC-UA connection.

We are using a windows Server to run ignition/kepware and mssql. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove or display the production OPC connection so I can dismiss the error? Thanks

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I think you need to have the OEE/DT module that added that server type installed in order to remove it… kind of goofy.

Or if you’re comfortable, brave, and backed up, you can just delete the entry yourself from the OPCSERVERS table. There is probably also be a corresponding settings table for that kind of server type that needs its entry deleted first as well.

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Thanks Kevin,

Just to verify, i need to install “OEE/DT module” in order to remove the module or just remove the rows from the table?

I would rather just remove the rows, can you provide me with what tables would have entries so I can remove them?

Also, I guess its not needed, is it just installed as a default?


The module(s) need to be installed in order to remove the OPC server entry via the normal web interface. They aren’t necessary to remove it issuing queries against the internal DB on the raw settings viewer page.

I’m not sure if those modules come as part of the installer or not. I’m going to ask one of the OEE/DT guys to pop into this thread and let you know which additional settings tables are created.

Thanks, I appreciate your help

That should be the only settings. But we don’t normally remove it that way.
The OEE module installed that OPC server. It is not removing the server correctly when they are removed, we will look into that. If they are installed then the server can be removed and then the modules removed.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the info and forgive my ignorance but i cant find a module named OEE/DT. What specific module is it or what is the full name? Thanks

It is on the main Downloads page in the “MES Modules” section.

Is there any more news on this? I can’t seem to be able to remove the “Production OPC Server” fully either. I deleted it from the OPC Server configuration page, but it’s still showing up in the “Status” page.

Do i need to delete it through the advanced console? What would be the syntax for that given the results of my query?

I am also currently facing the same issue. “Production OPC Server” is not present in my Configuration page, but is showing up on my Status window.

The solution is the same as mentioned 7 years ago.

Got it. Had to install the Production Module under Sepasoft, Inc. MES Modules, then I was able to delete this OPC Server.


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