OPC server connection

Hello All,

In Ignition 7.5.6 my OPC server connection occurs faulted
I kept all setting by default only i changed
1.Host-“localhost” and
Earlier it shows connected but after that I took the backup and restore it again after that it never shows connected.
I take “Restart” from “Ignition Control Utility” still it is not connected.
Please suggest me


Try placing the IP address of the computer in place of localhost. If you are running a machine with multiple NICs pick one of the IP address’s to put in place of localhost.

Also check the ‘Endpoint Address’ in the UA server settings (not the connection, but the server itself) to make sure it’s still correct. It’s likely that you’ve brought in some other IP address from the backup you restored.

I put IP address at “HOST” as per Greg suggested. and checked “Endpoint Address” in “UA server setting” still it not showing connected.

And I think the “Endpoint address” / “UA server server settings” doesn’t make any changes in OPC server connection because i checked and edited when OPC server is connected.

Please let me know if any other setting is required.